Relish the Thrill of Rafting

River rafting is a thrilling sport that should be tried at least once. The extreme sport helps you experience the power and elements of nature first hand. Your mind gets tuned to respond to your instincts, where every move is considered crucial. Today river rafting is synonymous with Rishikesh. People from all over the country and worldwide take time out to experience it themselves.The geography of Rishikesh is that makes the place an amazing destination.

Blessed with untamed rivers originating from some of the high altitude Himalayan glaciers, serene jungles around the small hillocks and the toughest pilgrimage roots, Rishikesh is an all in one experience for river rafting. All rafting trips are guided by an experienced coach. It is easy to be overwhelmed by numerous waves that hits your raft, but the thrill is always worth it. To enjoy river rafting to the fullest, expect the unexpected and keep in mind instructions for safety.

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2N/3D Rafting Package (from Brahapuri 11 km)

Raft down the River Ganga in the popular 11km stretch from Brahampuri till Rishikesh. Recommended for first time rafters!

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2N/3D Rafting Package (from Shivpuri 16 km)

Raft down the River Ganga in the famous 16km stretch from Shivpuri and explore the power and elements of nature first hand.

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