Hotel Rules

Welcome to our hotel. We strive to provide a peaceful and enjoyable stay for all our guests. Please familiarize yourself with the following rules and regulations:

  • Check-In and Check-Out

    Check-in time is 2:00 pm and check-out time is 11:00 am. Early check-ins or late check-outs may be available for an additional fee, please inquire at the front desk.
  • Room Keys

    Loss of room keys will result in a charge of Rs. 500/-, which must be paid by the guest.
  • Valid ID

    All guests are required to present a valid ID at the time of check-in.
  • Personal Belongings

    Please ensure the safety of your belongings. The hotel management is not responsible for the loss of personal items.
  • Prohibited Items

    For everyone's safety, guests are not allowed to store illegal, flammable, or dangerous items in their rooms.
  • Pets

    For the comfort of all our guests, pets are not permitted on hotel premises.
  • Conduct

    Respectful and lawful behavior is expected at all times. Gambling or any other illegal activities are strictly prohibited.
  • Laundry

    Washing and hanging of clothes in the rooms or outside windows/balconies is not allowed. Please use our laundry service for your convenience.
  • Visitors

    Visitors are welcome until 9:00 pm. After this time, visitors are not allowed on hotel premises.
  • Damages

    Guests are responsible for any damage caused to hotel property. This includes furniture, decorations, and electrical appliances. Damage charges will be determined based on the cost of the damaged item(s).
  • Energy Conservation

    Please help us conserve energy by switching off all electrical appliances when leaving your room.
  • Food

    Outside food is not allowed on hotel premises.
  • Smoking

    This is a no-smoking hotel. Smoking is permitted only in designated areas. Violation of this policy will result in a cleaning fee of Rs. 10,000/-.
  • Cooking

    For safety reasons, cooking is not permitted in the rooms.
  • Medical Emergencies

    For hospital information or ambulance service, please contact the front desk.
  • Room Checks

    For maintenance, safety, and security, hotel staff may conduct routine checks on rooms. These checks will be done in a respectful manner, during reasonable hours, and with advance notice whenever possible. Your privacy is important to us, and we will make every effort to minimize any inconvenience.
  • Violation of Rules

    In case of violation of these rules or any misconduct that causes inconvenience or discomfort to others, the hotel management reserves the right to ask the guest to leave, and all payments made will be forfeited.
  • Changes to Rules

    The management reserves the right to alter or amend these regulations without any prior notice.
  • Payment

    Balance payment, if any, is to be collected in full at the time of check-in.
  • Extra Beds

    Please note that the hotel does not provide extra beds.
  • Cancellation Policy

    For all bookings, if cancelled more than 2 days prior to check-in, no cancellation fee is charged except for weekend bookings (Friday to Sunday) which incur a 10% cancellation fee due to higher demand. If a booking is cancelled within 48 hours of check-in, a full 100% retention fee is charged, irrespective of the day of the week. Please note, cancellations processed via credit or debit card will be subject to a 3% fee upon refund to cover processing costs. We encourage guests to review their travel plans carefully before making reservations, especially for weekend stays. Thank you for understanding.